Chewbacca & Ben

When I saw this amazing page about Chewbacca I did a double take because it was the exact scene running through my head after Chewie shot Kylo Ren after the  um, terrible spoiler that happens to his oldest friend Han Solo. In a way you gotta believe Chewie had a hand in raising this kid too. The art is by Tyson Murphy, you can check out his very awesome prints if you click on his name there.  

Star Wars: The Force Awakens 5 things to takeaway

Ok, so I know there are about a billion and one reviews on the film and just as many theories floating around. I just walked out of my second viewing of the movie and I did have a few things to ponder, 5 questions really with some possible thoughts on the answers. Even though JJ Abrams and company decided to torpedo the canon books after Return of the Jedi I think a good chunk of those ideas are still here and I can't really tell if he's trying to pay some kind of uber fan service or if it's just destiny. I mean that is kind of how the force works anyway.  So here are my questions with some educated guesses on the answers there will be spoilers below so be warned:

Who is Rey and how is she able to do what she does without training? There are so many questions swirling around Rey and Director JJ Abrams doesn't make it any easier with his familial implications throughout the film.  Take into consideration her skill in machinery and knowledge of the Falcon just like Papa Solo. I mean she was finishing his sentences, it seemed pretty cut and dry to me.  Leia also seems to at least have an idea of who she is, she doesn't treat her like a complete stranger, but in the end if it were her child I can't imagine why at the end she wouldn't have just said so. They were all very clear about their bad boy son Kylo Ren so if Rey was their daughter we would and should already know that by now. There is also the rumor running around that she is Ben Kenobi's grandchild. Again people are grabbing at this because both Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness have a few lines during her dream sequence with the lightsaber. But I don't think that's enough for her to be Ben's grandchild we never even established he might have had someone on the side all this time. It's clever but would require too much explanation.

Rey touches the lightsaber and has very clear force powers which Maz Kanata's character deeply implies she may be Luke's kid. She basically says to her that the Force is strong in Luke's family and it was Vader's lightsaber then Luke's and now it's hers. Not much of a stretch there. Also when Rey has her vision she is clearly tapping into her own memories of when she was left on Jakku and her short time at the Jedi Temple when Kylo Ren and his knights of Ren wrecked the place killing the new Jedi.  She's got some gaps in her memory and needs them to be filled. I personally think she has some Jedi training buried in there which allows her to do what she can do. Also I think going further on the thought that she is Luke's offspring I think the mother must also be a Jedi which makes her even more one with the force. In the former canon books Luke marries and has a child with another Jedi, Mara Jade. Could Mara still show up in this re-invented universe? I kind of hope so.

Is Kylo Ren truly evil?  Is he, as some Star Wars fans have theorized, a mole in the First Order playing the system to get to Leader Snoke? There will be spoilers especially here so don't say I didn't warn you! Kylo Ren, or Ben Solo, to those in the know seems to be struggling mightily with his ability to stay on a dark path. This is an interesting proposition given that in the past the series has made it pretty clear that going to the dark side was pretty easy if you let it. Being on the light side is much harder work. But in the movie Ben seems to be having a much harder time with this then Vader, Darth Maul and the Emperor ever did. Also he kills his father Han Solo which would imply that he might be over all of that. I tend to think that this is something he is going to be outwardly struggling with no matter how deep down the dark path he goes.  Which goes to the second part of my question.

There seems to be a lot of chatter about Kylo Ren being some kind of Snape (Harry Potter) type working the First Order from the inside to bring them down from within. Interesting theory and I thought about that a lot as I was watching it and honestly I just don't see it. We've seen his private moments we've seen his struggle, this is guy who idolizes his Grandfather in a pretty unhealthy way. Even Snoke knows his struggle as he recognizes it's hard for Kylo to face his family.  I admit his conversation with Han before he killed him makes that scene even more interesting especially if that's what Han wants him to do but in the end I think it's a pretty big leap.  Also this kid has some anger issues I would find it unlikely that someone with this many emotional problems could seriously keep his shit together long enough to fake being on the darkseid.  

Who is Snoke? So there has been some interesting chatter on this one on the web and I actually really like both of them. One of the supposes that Snoke is a character named Darth Plagueis who is referenced in the third pre-quel film the Revenge of the Sith. In that film the soon-to-be Emperor Palpatine tells Annakin (Darth Vader) about what we can assume was his former master, Darth Plaguies who is able to bring people back from the dead. Palpatine says the apprentice killed Plaguies in a bit of irony as Plaguies couldn't bring himself back to life, or did he? It would be very interesting but for one Andy Serkis who plays Snoke in the movie shot that down directly. He also says that Snoke is a new character to the series which kind of puts a kibbosh on any of these other theories that have Snoke as the Grand Inquisitor or possibly my favorite that Snoke is the evil force ghost of....Darth Vader.

Honestly I really love this one and hope that there is something to this theory. The thought is that Darth Vader's soul splits into two and his good side shows up to Luke as a force ghost but this supposes his dark side also has a force ghost that is pure evil. You gotta admit his head dent is similar and I like the idea that you have an evil force ghost, hadn't seen one of those before. Even if it isn't Snoke it would be interesting to see Annakin and Vader as force ghosts helping their respective sides on the light or dark. 

What is in store for Luke now? If he wasn't all messed up about what happened when his nephew went all rogue to kill his school of Jedi I can't imagine what he's going to do when he finds out the same nephew killed his best friend/brother-in-law. Is he gonna run further this time? Will he stay and fight? That is probably the most frustrating part of the movie as he doesn't really say since all we were left with at the end of the film is Rey and Luke staring at each other with her hand outstretched holding his old lightsaber. Infuriating I know!

My personal favorite theory is that he didn't run at all he's been devising a plan in secret. Rather than run and hide with his tail between his legs like Yoda and Obi Wan only to resurface years later, I think he's been building up for a fight against Snoke and his nephew. I think when he found the secret temple he's been training a whole new batch of Jedi. If there is one thing I'm waiting to see in a full Star Wars movie, Jedi's fighting a bunch of Sith warriors. This would be epic and insane with this many force users going at it at once. This needs to happen Rian Johnson, make it so.

Is there more to Finn then we realize? There hasn't been as much chatter about Finn as there has been about some of the others but I'm going to go through and pretty much discount that he is Lando's kid. That just would be really stupid at this point. I personally like the idea that Finn may have some latent force powers but he may need a certain Jedi Master to coax them out. Not everybody with force powers has them in the start look at Luke himself. He doesn't really feel much of anything until the end of the first movie maybe when Finn fought Kylo Ren with the lightsaber they were starting to come through which would explain why he would be able to go toe to toe with him. 

Stormtrooper fight finn.jpg

I also like the idea that his former Storm Trooper team is gunning for him hard for his traitorous ways. Things have finally begun to trickle out about them. The one at the beginning of the film that gets blood on Finn is nicknamed Slip and he was supposedly Finn's friend and the shock of his death jarred his brain to override the conditioning the First Order grilled into him. Clearly it happens since later they ask if he needs to be re-conditioned after his superiors notice his difficulty in following orders. Then we meet what seems to be everyone's fan favorite TR-8R, he's the badass Stormtrooper with the stun baton that yells out traitor at Finn. It looks like that guy was cut short by Han Solo but it's possible ever so slightly that he's still around. He's gonna want some payback on Finn big time. Perhaps they put a bounty on his head. That would be an interesting problem for Finn to have to deal with on top of the First Order. 

Bonus: Remembering Han Solo may he rest in peace: His death was unfortunately very predictable but it is in keeping with the character. If you've seen the original trilogy enough times the irony of his predictable death was probably too good to pass up. Han thrives on being unpredictable and thinking on his feet. Think secret compartments in Star Wars, an Asteroid Field in Empire Strikes Back and last minute Trojan Horse idea to get inside an Imperial bunker in Return of the Jedi. The moment Han stepped onto the Death Star planet for the Star Killer base you knew he was a marked man he was going to confront his son and he was going to die. Not to mention the heavy foreshadowing with Leia right before he left. It was destiny so the double irony here is that Han Solo who claimed his entire life is not guided by some mysterious force is indeed brought down by that very thing. Heavy. But I'll leave you with some of his most memorable quotes:

- Greedo: "I've been looking forward to this for a long time." Han: "Yes, I bet you have." BLAST! Han: "Sorry about the mess."  - Star Wars: A New Hope

- "Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops boy! Without precise calculations we'd fly right through a star, or bounce to close to a supernova and that'd end your trip will quick, wouldn't it." - Star Wars: A New Hope

- "Laugh it up Fuzzball." - Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

- "Never tell me the odds" - Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

- "You Like me because I'm a scoundrel. There aren't enough scoundrels in your life." - Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

- Han: "Chewie and me'll take care of this, you stay here." Luke: "Quietly, there may be more of them out there." Han: "Hey it's me!" - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

- Finn: "We'll figure it out, we'll use the force!" Han: "That's not how the force works!" - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

- "Women always figure out the truth. Always" - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

- Rey: "What are you going to do?" Han: "Same thing I always do, talk myself out of it." - Star Wars: The Force Awakens



I had a blog a few years ago called Troys Bucket where I and a few colleagues of mine would talk about movies/comics/sports etc., any and all entertainment. One of the more popular things we did was the casting calls, a little exercise where we act as the casting director and put our favorite actors and actresses in the role. Sometimes we would throw in a director for good measure. G.I.Joe, A-Team, Justice League, hell, I even did Leon Uris' Mila 18. So when I decided to start blogging here at Titan vs. Titan, that was one of the first things I wanted to tackle - and before the hype gets insane on this one, I wanted to do a proper League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. In our previous post we discussed how to approach the franchise and who should be director in this installment we begin to build the cast:

Mina Murray.jpg

MINA MURRAY: Mina is one of the most important characters in the league not only because she is, most of the time, the only woman but because she keeps this group of malcontent misanthropes from killing other people or most importantly from killing each other. She is the glue that keeps the league together. She is the leader of this rabble without question and it won't work unless that is the case in the film, they truly botched that in the last interpretation. Quatermain is not the hero he used to be and in some regards he's a whiny crybaby opium addict who is too haunted by his demons to function properly. Mina gets him through that. She also is able to compel Hyde, who is the most unpredictable in the group to control, to fight through his urges and work with the team. Mina is the former wife of Jonathan Harker from Dracula. She was traumatized by the event that went down between the Count and her she still carries the scars on her neck. She is strong willed, a bit presumptuous but very much a woman ahead of the time period she is living in. Which would need a great actress who can be vulnerable but strong in a fluid way. My first choice would be Emily Blunt. She's a fantastic actress can play any number of rolls but she can do this role in her sleep. Edge of Tomorrow, Sicario, Looper and Adjustment Bureau, she's capable of a wide range.  Runner up I love Natalie Portman in a role like this but I hated her British accent in V for Vendetta, it was a bit distracting even though I did like her in the movie so it drops her to second. 

ALLAN QUATERMAIN: Alan was a former adventurer you may or may not have heard of depending on what you read. Quatermain was a character created by H. Rider Haggard in 1885 called King Solomon's Mines and he appeared in various other works as well as serials and films most recently in the 80's with Richard Chamberlain in two films. Quatermain is a British big game hunter who lives primarily in Africa. He in part inspired Indiana Jones so he has some importance in the lexicon.

I think to start with you will need someone older but not too old, especially if he is to have a relationship with Mina it's distracting and plays into bad stereotypes of Hollywood. He should be a good deal older than her but not by an insane measure. Someone who can also be vulnerable and yet can have the spark of hero through his muddled opium haze. This can't be the super perfect hero Connery played in the first one. He has to be deeply flawed with elements of his old self. This is an aged hero looking for a reason to check out. He needs to be played that way. Sir Daniel Day Lewis would be fantastic in the role but he probably wouldn't do it. So you would need a big name and maybe age him up a bit more, the other Daniel, Daniel Craig. He can play rugged and sophisticated you can look at his Bond, Cowboys and Aliens and Lara Croft for examples. He's got the chops and I like him with Emily Blunt.

CAPTAIN NEMO: Nemo is a very interesting part of the League as he is has a more radical background than the others. Quatermain and Murray are both British loyalists but Nemo is anti-colonialist. His other name is Prince Dakkar, the son of an Indian Raja. A scientific genius who built the Nautilus submarine as well as other technical gadgets. He is always reluctant to help the British in anyway. More about the common good with him but he is still a bit of a pirate. Created by Jules Verne in 1870 in the book 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Whoever plays Nemo has to be sophisticated, can play the role of a scientist but also a cutthroat. Very difficult to portray but I think I have a great character actor in mind. Irrfan Khan. Khan certainly looks the part but he is an amazing actor from smart indie roles like the Namesake and A Mighty Heart and his turns in big productions like Life of Pi, Amazing Spider-Man and Jurassic World prove he can handle the big budget feature. This guy can do it all and he can and will make a compelling Nemo.

DR. HENRY JEKYLL/MR. EDWARD HYDE: Author Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886 wrote the very first fictionalized account of a doctor who drinks a chemical cocktail and a monstrous alter ego is born. You wouldn't have the Hulk, Red Hulk, Man-Bat, etc. if that crazy sexual deviant, bag of rage Hyde hadn't have come first. 

Again the first film in 2003 had the very capable Jason Flemyng playing both Jekyll and Hyde. The only problem here was the CGI Hyde looked a bit like Flemyng but was also insanely stupid and terrible not to mention distracting for the audience. The effects for this kind of thing has gotten much better when you look at the Avengers and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes but I would prefer a real person so I'm splitting them in two.

So let's start with Jekyll first, an unassuming man, smart, seemingly harmless but already pretty screwed up due to his transformation problem. You don't need a celebrity in this role I think but someone who can bring the doctor's sensibilities with an air of mystery which is why I like Sean Harris. He was in the excellent BBC TV series Red Riding. Also in films like Prometheus and as the calculating bad guy in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

For Hyde instead of a CGI creation I think you need to have a real person. He doesn't have to be like the Hulk and you can use the power of cinema to enhance a regular big guy to make him look a little bit bigger if you really need to. Now you may not want to use his voice but you damn sure want to see this giant ass hole tearing it up around Victorian London. Of course I'm speaking of Robert Maillet. The guy is huge and he's no stranger to blockbuster movies. The recent Hercules, Sherlock Holmes, Immortals and 300. This guy knows how to play big and scary. But if you have to choose a big named bruiser Dave Bautista or Kevin Durand would be solid as well.

HAWLEY GRIFFIN THE INVISIBLE MAN: Created by H.G. Wells in 1897 the Invisible Man is a huge part of pop culture for decades. From the 30s to the present the Invisible Man has left an indelible mark in Sci-Fi and the comics world. In the League Hawley Griffin is a miscreant a true spy and is seemingly only interested in himself.

You probably wouldn't see him through the production but he would need to have a very distinctive voice. Someone creepy I would think.  In this case I would go with Mr. Motion Capture himself Andy Serkis. His voice is definitely distinct and he can definitely be creepy. Just check out his work as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit not to mention his Sith Lord Snoke in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens

ORLANDO: Written by Virgina Woolf in 1928 Orlando is a unique and interesting character. He is born a man but when he reaches 30 he switches his sex to female. She discovers she is an immortal and this occurrence happens periodically throughout Her/His long lifespan. In the League, Orlando has been doing this for quite a long time and is very free in the sexuality department. Orlando is also one of the originators of the first League in the 1600s with Prospero of Shakespeare's the Tempest as its head. Orlando is noble and brave as well as a fighter and a bit of a smart ass. So who would be able to fill his/her shoes?

There are a few actors right off the bat that could pull off both male and female Orlando. Tilda Swinton being the best choice. She's made a career out of playing androgynous characters. There is also Eddie Redmayne who is also very capable of playing both as his newest film the Danish Girl will support. There is also Cate Blanchett who would always be great to do both, she played a version of Bob Dylan in I'm Not There. Finally there is Jared Leto who has this ability as well from his Oscar turn in Dallas Buyers Club.  I think in the end I'm going to go with Cate Blanchett. You aren't going to get a finer actor than her and she's already a pro at the big fantasy blockbuster from her stint on the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films. 

PROSPERO: Now this role may not be as large as the other ones but it is still extremely important. Prospero was first realized in Shakespeare's The Tempest. He is the Duke of Milan and an experienced Sorcerer. He's also the one tasked by Queen Gloriana, of England, to create the first League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the 1600s. His presence has to be felt througout the whole thing even if he isn't in much of it. That's a big role to play.

There are quite a few spectacular actors I can see to play the role of Prospero and it has to be someone with presence. You have the standards who would do a fantastic job without question in this role Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart or Sir Anthony Hopkins. Sign any of these three up and you'll get the performance you want even if they all have tread on this type of character before. If you want to go outside of the box a bit I would love to put Idris Elba in this somewhere that guy would kill in this role and it would be very different from the other three. He totally crushed his role as Thor's Heimdall  in the Marvel U. He would make this one his own and it will be memorable guaranteed.

Now if I wanted to this post could go on even longer as there are still about 10 or more League members we could explore. This is a whole Universe and I'm starting to understand Fox's interest in this. We are now in the age of world building but as Fox must understand now after their many failures from Daredevil to the Fantastic Four that a Universe is useless if no one wants to go there. Take heed Fox hopefully you'll see my suggestions because I think they can help otherwise you will be overseeing yet another 100 million dollar franchise right into the shitter. 


One of my favorite writers of comics has to be Alan Moore: Watchman, V For Vendetta, From Hell, Batman: The Killing Joke and of course The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The man is certifiable, and his genius as a comic book writer is unparalleled. However, a filmmaker has yet to come along to properly translate his work to the screen. Not to say all film adaptations of Moore's work are bad; in fact, I like quite a few of them. They just have never been able to capture his particular quirks and tone very well. Moore, of course, will dislike anything any studio tries to do no matter what, but it would be great to have someone with some vision actually do it right. 

Alan Moore.jpg

As luck would have it, or if you are cynical, the money wheels at a studio started turning to try and actually remake this again. In May of this year Variety reported that Fox is remaking this with writer Jayson Rothwell. No cast or director has been named yet so I thought I'd take this opportunity to weigh in and give my thoughts on the matter. If you are listening, Fox, this may help you make a better movie than the Movie-That-Will-Not -Be-Named from 2003 and that subsequently ended Sean Connery's film career.

Now what would be our plot? This is also tricky as there are now about 15 issues from 1999 to the present, plus two graphic novels. There are about 8 or 9, depending on who's counting, members of the league that span from the 1600s and hops around every few centuries ending up in around 2009. The previous film tackled the first adventure and it's probably best to not be repeated. It involved The Great Detective, Sherlock Holmes', greatest villain Moriarty played by Richard Roxburgh - so I wouldn't suggest telling that story again. I also wouldn't suggest using the second story since it's basically a rehashed version of War of the Worlds which has been done to death over the years and would be difficult to put to film in my opinion. The real appeal of this property is the literary characters brought together in crisis much like the Avengers or Justice League but in Victorian London. Alan Moore said as much when asked to describe it. So I would say simply go with the original cast and possibly include Carnacki and Orlando and build on a crisis from that period, whether literary or historical. I personally would start with H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu since many of the monsters that appear is derived from Lovecraft. Combine the cult group in the 1910 volume that is focused on the Moon Stone. They bring forth a creature that the League must band together and destroy. Perhaps they can also explore a bit of the Blazing World run by Prospero (yep, of The Tempest), which is a surreal place not of this Earth. It could be confusing but intriguing.

DIRECTOR: This is going to be the hardest part of the entire production because I think that most directors would have a hard time with this subject matter. If you've ever read The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen you will realize that even though it follows a plot you may have seen before and has characters you know (if you read a lot of Victorian-era literature), it is unconventional in its approach. There is only one man who can make this film, Christopher Nolan. That's right, there aren't many mainstream director's who can dabble in difficult subject matter or genre and still make it palpable for mainstream audiences. If you can't get Nolan lets just be honest, it probably won't work. From Memento to Interstellar this guy has mastered the art of storytelling through cinema and he would make a very honest, kick ass, slightly fucked up version of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that could possibly bring Alan Moore back into the cinematic fold. I would look to The Prestige, Inception, and the iconic Batman/Dark Knight trilogy. This guy understands the power of myth, he totally gets the period piece and he's extremely capable of creating a visual but complex world either in the real world or a dreamlike world, which is a large part of the League's overall story. 



Marvel Cinematic World: Who is this guy?

Welcome to the Titan Vs. Titan official blog, where we chop up, analyze, explore and reassemble the wonderful world of comic books on page and screen. First on the agenda for discussion, the Marvel U, specifically of the film and TV variety. Over the last few years the continuity from Iron Man to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to Daredevil and Ant Man has been meticulous and extremely fun. I've been watching the third season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I was excited to see Powers Boothe return to the franchise as the mysterious Gideon Mallick. Boothe is one of those fantastic character actors who always seems to find his way into memorable roles like Curly Bill Brocious from Tombstone, Roark in Sin City, Cy Tolliver in Deadwood and in his voice over work for the DCU as Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grod. Not many actors can pull off that scary intensity that he can and it's always a pleasure to watch. If you are the observant type you will have noticed the picture above. Mr. Boothe appeared in a cameo in the first Avengers film as a World Security Council Member talking shit to Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury. Apparently this same character is now guest starring on Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D in a mysterious role as one of the heads of HYDRA. So who is this guy really and is he going to play a larger role in the MCU?

I like to think of myself as a bit of a comic historian after my many years of reading and yes, studying. I remembered reading the name Albert Malik from one of my Amazing Spider-Man issue (no. 366). Malik was a Russian who was turned into the new Red Skull and in my issue was busy denigrating Peter Parker's dead parents memory by creating robot Parkers to torment their son, long story short Spidey took care of business and kicked his ass. Gideon Mallick does not appear to be a character anywhere in the Marvel Universe so maybe it's more than a coincidence that he would share a similar last name with a Red Skull. Then I saw the post on Movieweb and they also thought Mallick could possibly be playing the 3rd Red Skull. It's intriguing and plausible since Hugo Weaving probably won't be back anytime soon to reprise his role of the Red Skull from the first Captain America film. Even he thought that the Skull wasn't dead according to interviews. I however am thinking of a much more complex vision as to how the Red Skull has already returned.

Let's go back to Captain America: The First Avenger. At the end of the film the Red Skull holds the Cosmic Cube, or Tesseract, and appears to dissolve into nothing. If you've watched Thor you'll recognize the Rainbow Bridge effect between worlds and it looks pretty similar to what happens to the Red Skull, which supposes that he transported somewhere, possibly Asgard, the home of Thor. It would make sense this would be the home origin of the Cube. Let's say he's teleported and imprisoned, 'cause clearly Odin wouldn't stand for a guy like that running around his top secret vault of powerful weapons. Which now gives Loki, who in all the films is playing the long game in trying to get his hands on Asgard, a major wild card. 

Fast forward to sometime before the first Thor where Loki discovers from the Skull that the Cube is on Earth and, as the God of Mischief is wont to do, begins setting a plan in motion.  My hypothesis? He makes a deal with the Red Skull to free him, relocate him to Earth with a new identity and to be his inside guy at S.H.I.E.L.D., where he can keep his eye on the crown jewel: the Cosmic Cube. Loki is defeated by Thor and falls through a wormhole only to find himself a prisoner of Thanos the Mad Titan. Loki is the master of manipulation, so he convinces Thanos to make him his champion on Earth so he can retrieve the Cube which Thanos covets and in return Loki gets to rule Earth. This as explained in the Avengers. But let's face it, Loki doesn't care about Earth, he wants Asgard - he says it frequently in all three films, both Thors and Avengers. He even somehow got Thanos to give up one of his stones, the Mind Stone to be a apart of his scepter. So now in Avengers Loki actually has two of the six Infinity Stones. Pretty clever but I think that Loki is pulling one over Thanos; he has no intention of actually ruling Earth. It's also pretty clear if you watch the movie: he tees up the Avengers just perfectly to get them to do what he wants. He clearly doesn't have a problem surrendering when it suits his purposes. Which then deposits him back on the throne and seemingly in charge by the end of Thor 2 which is exactly what he wanted all along with no one the wiser. 

Now back to Gideon Mallick, who is now one of the heads of the secret World Council that runs S.H.I.E.L.D. and is Nick Fury's boss. In the Avengers it was Mallick, who orders the nuclear missile strike on New York that allowed the Avengers to take out Thanos' invasion force, stopping Loki. Admittedly the guy was trying to take out New York and everyone in it but I think that only strengthens my argument that it's OG Red Skull since he tried to do the same thing to New York in the first Captain America.  Now we come to Avengers: Age of Ultron the heads of HYDRA are now a bit fractured after Captain America: Winter Soldier, but somehow Baron Von Strucker has found himself in possession of the mind gem and Loki's scepter.  How did he get it? The Red Skull - Gideon Mallick - gave it to him as S.H.I.E.L.D. was collapsing.

So now on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Gideon Mallick has an actual identity instead of Secret World Council guy but he is still very mysterious. He makes references to Baron Von Strucker, he seems to know a lot about the origins of HYDRA as if he's been part of it for a long time.  He is clearly running HYDRA and now mentoring agent Grant Ward. This has gotta be the Red Skull. Powers Boothe has already been in the Avengers. He's now on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Boothe is the perfect actor to fit in both TV and film worlds and it would be a awesome reveal in Captain America: Civil War that Mallick isn't just a replacement Red Skull but the original. A fitting replacement going forward after Hugo Weaving.

What do you guys think? Is Powers Boothe the Red Skull? Let me know your thoughts below.



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