Politics over Feminism: Jessica Jones Season 2

I loved the first season of "Jessica Jones" and I didn't know if it was written by all women. While the fact that it was (or wasn't) is important, it is, in my view, more powerful and meaningful not to frame the season through that fact. By simply presenting the superb product of an all-women directorial team, that team can change the standards of what is considered normal business practice in an authentic way.

That's why, while on the surface a good thing, the newly announced women-centered production for the second season of "Jessica Jones" feels more like a gimmick than substantive change to me. It is imperative in comics, Hollywood, and gaming culture that women have more of a voice. Hiring more women in all fields of production is not only the right thing to do, but allows for a cultural shift to a POV richer and truer than the current, predominantly male perspective. The gimmick part for me in this is the adoption of a "tell" rather than "show" maneuver. The producers of "Jessica Jones" are putting more emphasis on this product being a political act rather than business as usual and letting the work speak for itself.