What's Next for the Punisher on Netflix?

I'm one episode away from finishing Season 2 of Daredevil and so far it's been outstanding. Yes, some of the same tropes about what makes a hero and should the hero kill are present here but they are told extraordinary well through the eyes of these characters. Most importantly this is by the far the most fleshed out and human Punisher we have ever seen on screen. He is not just a one-man, one dimensional killing machine. He feels a wide range of emotion throughout the series; anger, pain, fear and a whole lot of regret. If you look back at the previous 3 Punisher films, I think the Thomas Jane version comes close to capturing all the nuance of Frank Castle but together they are all merely cardboard cutouts compared to Jon Bernthal's take. He brings a very scary, intense and real counterpoint to Daredevil's no kill policy. It is so good when eventually Daredevil begins to question his own morality because of what he sees and what the Punisher inspires the Punisher won't allow him to be like him he respects his conviction and in a way despite the murderous qualities of Frank Castle clearly shows his nobility. I can't wait to see where they take this Frank Castle and I had some thoughts about what his show might look like. Spoilers Below for Daredevil Season 2 Be warned.....

Now since I haven't seen the last episode of Season 2 I'm not entirely sure where they leave Frank but after witnessing the excellent and brutal fight sequences in prison with Wilson Fisk and a whole slew of bad ass inmates I think it would be awesome for Frank to take on that plot that Warner Bros. was floating around for a while for Oliver Queen, a Super Max prison with the worst of the worst against Frank Castle with just his wits and whatever weapon he can find laying around. Perhaps Frank is there looking for a high value target that is operating from jail much like the Kingpin in this season of Daredevil. You can bring on some allies for him like Microchip and Detective Soap to round out the cast.  It would be brutal and intense and if they stay true to the Punisher they created here very interesting and entertaining. So let's get 'er done Marvel. Punisher season 1 2018!

I can definitely see this happening and it would be hilarious and perfect!