Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe Web Series

We are entering a new age of viral marketing and content as Valiant Comics has taken one giant step forward to challenging the status quo of DC and Marvel with it's first foray into a digital series promoting their comic book characters. I'll be honest with you I do not know as much as I feel like I should about Valiant comics. Formed in 1989 by ex-Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and lawyer businessman Steven Massarsky. Jim Shooter attempted to buy Marvel Entertainment but was unsuccessful so he turned around and created a new universe in which to play with. One that has vibrant characters like Faith (Zephyr)Toyo Harada (Harbinger)Bloodshot, X-O Manofwar, Shadowman and Ninjak. Valiant comics always seemed darker and edgier, more adult than Marvel and DC and perhaps, due to the strong influx of comic properties, and properties that skew older, that is why they are getting a somewhat late Renaissance.

Ninjak, a character created by former editor in chief of Marvel and artist Joe Quesada and writer Mark Moretti in 1994 about an British Playboy who moonlights as a Ninja who serves for Queen and country. Apparently he's been rebooted and re-issued a number of times but seems to be one of Valiant's most profitable series along with Bloodshot and Harbinger. Which incidentally, the latter is being worked on currently at Sony Pictures. Harbinger was formally at Paramount pictures as early as 2008 but was put into turnaround until April of 2015 when Sony acquired the rights to Harbinger and Bloodshot that was supposed to be this year but has been pushed back for the time being.

So it looks like Valiant is tired of waiting for Hollywood to introduce their comic characters to the masses and has developed a web series by Producer and CCO Dinesh Shamdasani with Bat in the Sun Productions to bring Ninjak to the web fighting against Valiant's stream of popular heroes. Could be interesting indeed. I thought the trailer was ok, the action looked pretty good but I'm not sure about the acting. You have some high level B actors in there including former Power Ranger Jason David Frank as Bloodshot.  I hated Power Rangers so I admit I'm a bit biased although I did enjoy watching his amped up White Ranger take on Mortal Kombat's Scorpion in Bat in Sun Productions Super Power Beat Down series. Where some of your favorite heroes and Villains duke it out and you vote for the winner. I highly recommend checking these out, they are fun and creative but strictly upscale fan service. The question is can Bat in the Sun Productions put out something of strong quality to get fans excited about Valiant's upcoming film slate? It's too early to tell but I think they are off to a strong start.  I'm looking forward to checking out the web series and picking up a few Valiant books to see what I've been missing all of these years.