The Legacy of Captain America

The above sketch is drawn by our illustrious artist extraordinaire Alex Yi, were about to put up a whole bunch more of his work as he has diligently been slamming out these new prints every week.

Captain America, the First Avenger, he's meant so many things to so many people over the past 75 years and this year seems the most precarious since he's finally made it to the  A-list at the movies due to Captain America: Civil War and apparently to a Hydra sleeper agent in the comic books.  I'll keep this short and sweet Steve Rogers is and will always be the moral leadership of the MCU it's not what makes him boring or predictable it's what makes him inspirational. It is why someone made a bronze statue of him which is going to remain until the end of time in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. This current story line has made some people mad, I get it, I didn't really appreciate it either but if you've read Captain America since his inception in 1941 he's been through a lot worse and is still kicking around. This new plot line, by Nick Spencer, is I think meant to show the inverse of patriotism, for love of country. The dangers of Nationalism and blind loyalty to a symbol that was once the ultimate in trust. Thus in turn pushing the reader to understand truly what Captain America has been fighting for all of these years and why his trust actually matters. I strongly believe that Steve Rogers' morality will be restored eventually and when that happens perhaps he will have inspired another generation of Americans to always ask questions about your leaders and remind them their trust must be earned and never given. Happy Birthday, Cap! Hoping for 75 more!