Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek

I've been thinking about what I could do to honor 50 years of Trek and I'm sure I'll be posting something again soon, especially before the new Trek sequel comes out but for now revel in this awesome print by artist Dusty Abell that spans the 3 seasons of the original series from 1965-1969. From the ditched pilot the Cage with Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike all the way to Turnabout Intruder. It's a pretty amazing piece to see something from every single episode. Hell if I look hard enough I may even see some of the animated series in here. It's a smorgasbord of Trek lore so take it in and enjoy.

Right now I'm reading the current line of Star Trek comics that follows the new movie crew and it has been pretty stellar published by IDW comics and currently written by the very talented Mike Johnson and drawn beautifully by Tony Shasteen. He really captures the look of the characters that honestly in many ways makes the movies better than they should be. They have the un-enviable task of filling in the crap holes built into the last two films and personally without their skilled work I'm not even sure I would be that interested in what happens on screen if not for their fantastic world building. Especially the most recent issues Legacy of Spock, if you are a fan you'll find it hard to keep a dry eye.  It is a fantastic tribute to late Leonard Nimoy.