Netflix and Marvel is there still a relationship?

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If you've been following the news over the last 10 months or so between Marvel and Netflix you've probably come across countless articles about Disney moving forward with their own on-line streaming service. The implication is that now that Disney owns, like 60% all IP in the marketplace that they would just take their ball and go home. Which would imply that Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Punisher, the Defenders and even the infamous Iron Fist would all revert back to Disney to be on their site. There are thankfully a few roadblocks to this particular plan. 


For now it seems like Disney will not be able to actually bring the existing shows from Netflix to their streaming site because those were pre-existing deals. The other part of that is they may not really want to. First of all it's clear that Disney's streaming service is aimed solely at kids and it's doubtful they would put any films on their service that are Rated R which should provide relief for the Netflix Marvel shows as they are clearly Rated R. The next part of this conversation is whether or not they will be able to continue to create more Marvel content and that answer is also up in the air but there are some signs that it might be possible. I was encouraged a few days ago when Steven DeKnight (Daredevil, Pacific Rim & Spartacus) told an interviewer that he would love to take a crack at Moon Knight. This is a dark character that was, along with Daredevil, a part of the Marvel adult comic series Marvel Knights and would have a hard time staying PG-13 on the Disney site. This gives me some hope that not only will Netflix be able to retain the original Marvel programming they started with but may even be able to expand and add more like Moon Knight and possibly Ghost Rider, Blade and Shang-Chi. Marvel Ent. President Dan Buckley has expressed that any new projects they go for should fit the content for the networks and platforms and that includes the Disney branded service. 

I'm hoping that despite losing the other movies and TV shows on Netflix in 2019, Disney will still have a strong partnership with Netflix in the further development of more adult Marvel content. It's really a win-win for everybody. 



DuckTales: Then & Now

"D-D-D-Danger, watch behind you!  There's a stranger, out to find you! What to do just grab on to some DuckTales, ouh oooh."

Nostalgia to the max!  I used to love this song so much (ok, so maybe I still's quite catchy!), and to hear they're re-making this 80's cartoon classic?  Yes, please! I have such fond memories of this show.  My childhood self is freaking out. Ok, so my adult self is squee'ing as well.  When it first premiered back in 1987, I remember watching as a kid and being mesmerized by it. It was so much fun and so very colorful. And I loved how Huey, Dewey and Louie all wore diff colored shirts and hats so you could tell them apart. And they each had their own personality.  One of my favorite parts was when Scrooge McDuck did his big dive into a pile of coins. I wanted to do that! True story.  I mean, it looked like fun, didn't it?  Swimming in money is pretty sweet!  *Sigh* if only.  It's so nice to relive your childhood, especially with a cartoon that you really enjoyed. The reboot will premiere this summer on Disney XD. And from what I see, Webbigail "Webby" Vanderquack, Scrooge's niece-by-affection, will have a much larger role in this reboot. From what I've been reading, she will have a "stronger and more unique voice than she ever had before." I love everything about that line!   
I think I'll have to check out the series premiere this August, and see what shenanigans these three nephews get themselves into, along with Webby! - J. Solo