Here are some of our other upcoming projects:


Texas, 1864 - Captain Lowe and his company are on a secret mission for President Lincoln to bridge the divide between the unstoppable Comanche and the Union Army. Using his skills as a former Confederate soldier and his unusual training as a samurai warrior from his days as a merchant's son, he strives to help bring peace between all the nations. 

 Artist Unknown - Poster from the film the man from beyond - 1922

Artist Unknown - Poster from the film the man from beyond - 1922


It's 1922, The Great Barnabus Blackwood magician extraordinaire, pupil of the Great Harry Houdini, has been shot. But this is just the beginning of his strange adventure. His near death event has unlocked an otherworldly power. Can Barnabus now see the dead? What does he say to his mentor Houdini who has spent his later years debunking spiritualists and mediums?    


What if the gods from all religious traditions were real? And there was an ongoing battle between them spanning centuries? By the Gods proposes that very question and places an unassuming mortal, Dash, directly in the middle. He is granted powers from Zeus himself. For what purpose? Is there something more to Dash then meets the eye? 

 Stock photo - Denton Jazz Chronicles

Stock photo - Denton Jazz Chronicles


Nathan Jordan has a problem. He's sixteen - loves his Playstation - secretly enjoys cosplay and is crushing hard on the girl next store. He's also on the run because he can bend space and time as a -time traveller. His powers are not fun and games he could potentially erase his existence or fundamentally destroy the space-time continuum. But he'd like to just finish High School if possible.   


To save our future we have to rewrite the past. Someone is tampering with the space-time continuum, altering here and tweaking it there to change the fundamental building blocks of who we are and what we've done. It's up to a rag-tag group of characters from our history - Billy the Kid, Ching Shih the pirate, Pretty Boy Floyd & Che Guevara - to set things right.