Titan vs. Titan is a Los Angeles-based comics collective that brings artists, writers, inkers, colorists and editors together. Our first project is now out and available on Amazon for Kindle and select L.A. comic book stores: Grave Soldiers vol 1: Crutch Brigade. Also the first issue of the Virgin Killers is available at select stores and is also on Amazon Kindle. We are building our own universe with original stories and characters and our goal is to expand the narrative of this world by releasing a new comic every year going forward. 


Titan vs. Titan Comics will have a table in Artist's Alley for Long Beach Comic-Con in Long Beach, CA so if there are any 818ers out there come on over and see us. We will be in Artist's Alley Table E27! 


Jeff & Ben's successful Kickstarter Campaign Video that started it all for Grave Soldiers!